Chargers description

Smart design

This portable charger for electric vehicles is convenient, easy-to-use, lightweight and highly compact.

Contrary to basic chargers for EVs, this pro charger is made for intensive daily use.

Unlike classic solutions, it has no bulky box attached since all electronics has been miniaturised and fitted into the Type-2 connector.

This is why this solution is a truly portable charging station for electric vehicles. Thanks to its compact design, this nomadic charger will easily find space in your trunk and will charge your EV anywhere, simply by plugging it in any suitable socket. If necessary, you can even use one of our adapters.

Thanks to its adjustable current, this movable charger allows you to adapt charging power to the possibilities offered by the network you are connected to.

High quality equipment

This portable charger is designed and manufactured in EU.

All components have been chosen for their quality and robustness:

  • Ultra resistant, flexible and lightweight cable
  • High quality electronics and connectors

Consequently, this charging solution is compliant to European standards and is certified by TÜV.

In addition to that, every charger is meticulously tested before shipping in order to guarantee it works perfectly.

This movable charging station can be equipped with residual circuit breaker, in order to prevent any risk for users. This option is highly recommended so that you can be sure to benefit from such protection no matter the quality of the power network you connect your electric car to.

The charger is made to operate outdoors (sun, rain, snow, etc.) and has IP54 rating. In other words, safely charging your EV is possible anywhere, anytime.

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