EV charging cable (22kW – Type 3 to Type 2)

  • Up to 22 kW
  • Ultra compact & lightweight design
  • Universal charging cable (Type 3 to Type 2)
  • Designed & manufactured in EU

387,20  VAT incl. (320,00  without VAT)

This cable is necessary to connect your electric car having Type 2 connector on public charging stations having Type 3 plugs.

Except for charging stations delivering DC (Direct current) like HPC (High Power Charger) or SC (Super Charger), most accelerated public charging stations that you can find outdoor (parkings, hotels, malls, etc.) have no cable attached. This is true for a vast majority of public charging stations. Even if most of them have Type 2 connectors, some are equipped with Type 3.

Designed for daily use, this cable is more compact and lighter than other charging cables. It is a highly convenient, easy-to-use, easy-to-carry and easy-to-store solution.

Cable used is ultra resistant. Made in Germany, it is extremely lightweight and flexible, even at cold temperatures.

This charging cable is universal. It is compatible with any electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid vehicle from any brand or manufacturer having Type 2 charging socket.

In addition to that, this cable is designed and manufactured within the European Union.

Essential for all your trips, this charging cable must be always in your trunk so that you can charge anywhere.


Charging station side Vehicle side
Type 3 connector 2 150x150 - EV charging cable (22kW - Type 3 to Type 2) Type 2 Plug 300x279 - EV charging cable (22kW - Type 3 to Type 2)
Type 3
Type 2
(Female – European standard)


Max power 22 kW
Rated voltage 400V
Other power 7.4 kW (single-phase)
Protection rating IP55 (rain resistant)
Ambiant temperature -30°C to +50°C
Cable characteristics
Type 5G6
Premium quality Lightweight and flexible
Length 5 meters
Enhanced resistance to Organic aggressions (oil, dust, water, poussières, eau, lubricants, etc.)
Torsion, abrasion, corrosion, flames, UVs
Origin Germany
Other specifications
Weight (5m cable) ~ 2 Kg
Color Orange
Standards IEC 62196
Origin Made in EU

Compatible vehicles

This charger is 100% compatible with any electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid vehicle (rechargeable) having Type 2 charging socket.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Charging cable for electric vehicle


  • Please note this is a charging cable and not a charger. It is made for use on charging stations having Type 2 sockets.
  • This charging cable can not be used as an extension connected to a portable charger or charging station having its own cable. Such reference doesn’t exist.
  • Pictures may differ depending on selected options.

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