Pedestal EV charging stations

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Pedestal charging stations are at the basis of infrastructure for charging electric vehicles (EVs) in various settings, providing several utilities:

Convenience: Pedestal charging stations are strategically located in public areas, commercial spaces, or residential complexes, offering EV owners convenient access to charging facilities. This convenience encourages the adoption of electric vehicles by reducing concerns about range anxiety.

Nevertheless, they also can be used in private areas when no wall is available to install a wallbox type EV charging station.

Accessibility: These pedestal EV charging stations are designed to be easily accessible to EV owners, typically featuring standard charging ports ensuring that any electric vehicle can be charged on them.

Scalability: Our Pedestal charging stations for EVs are made to be scalable, allowing an easy future expansion of the EV charging infrastructure in place, in order to accommodate the growing number of electric vehicles on the road.

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