Electric vehicles today

- Electric vehicles today
Which charger to choose for your electric vehicle? You've just bought a new electric car and now you're wondering how Read more
The abbreviations kW, kWh, MWh and kVA In electric vehicles field, it is useful to master a few terms related Read more
A Universal Charging Station Some electric vehicle manufacturers often promote a charging station linked to their brand.This is done in Read more
Hybrid and electric cars Electric and hybrid vehicles have evolved a lot. More aesthetic, more ecological, these cars are attracting Read more
Pitfalls to avoid when charging at a public charging station Pitfalls to avoid when charging at a public charging station Read more
Charge your electric vehicle The fear of dry run-out The biggest concern when a motorist talks about switching to all-electric Read more
How to preserve an electric car battery: the good practices In the midst of climate change, consciences are also converging. Read more
Electric vehicles charging modes​ Mode 1 3.7kW maxPortable chargerAlternative current (AC)No protectionCharging power oftenlimited to 3kW More details Mode 2 Read more
The public charging stations Why use a public charging station Electric power will cost less, especially by recharging during off-peak Read more
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