Mobility and electric vehicles

Voiture electrique et hybride plug in 1 - Mobility and electric vehicles

Electric mobility is growing. According to information available in the specialized press, the share of electric vehicles (or EV for Electric Vehicles) acquired in Belgium has trippled in the first half of 2019. This confirms the enthusiasm of the public and car manufacturers who are currently electrifying their entire range of models.

Many electric and hybrid vehicles
new owners appear therefore on the road networks. To recharge their cars, they need a suitable installation. Although it is possible to do this through a standard socket, this solution is less suitable and secure than a dedicated terminal.

Offer the recharge service to your customers … Why not?

In order to increase customer satisfaction and
improve customer loyalty, you can offer them to recharge their vehicle while they visit your store or business. They will thus benefit from the offer of your company in all peace of mind, knowing that their means of transport is also taken care of by you.

This reasonable investment will allow you to stand out thanks to a tailor-made, fast and secure installation. In use, such a system represents a particularly limited cost compared to the competitive advantage that such a service provides
to your customers.

Examples with a Hyundai Kona 64 kWh:

Presence time

Supplied power

Effective recharging

Cost (using a standard tarrif)

0 h

Single phase 7,4 kW (32 A)

90 Km
1,20 €
0 h

Single phase 7,4 kW (32 A)

270 Km
3,60 €
0 h

Single phase 3,7 kW (16 A)

380 Km
5,07 €

Electric-Star is the ideal and qualified partner to support you in this project. Our specialists will study, together with you, the best solution for your business.

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