How to charge an Electric Vehicle ?

Converting yourself to electric mobility implies adapting to its daily usage requirements. Because “fuel” necessary to an electric vehicle is obviously different from conventional thermal cars, new practices and knowledge are associated to this change.

Refueling a classic thermal car is seen by everyone as easy and without constraint. Years of practice can explain how comfortable anyone feels when performing this task. However, a conventional thermal vehicle requires a supplied and open petrol station while an electric car can be refilled in countless places, as long as electricity is available.

Electric cars are giving complete freedom and autonomy


Since car manufacturers have adopted Type 2 as standard connector for electric vehicles in Europe, e-mobility has become even more universal and easy-to-operate. As a matter of fact, every charging station and electric vehicle must use this kind of connector by 2025. However, it is already implemented on most cars and equipment available  of  the European network.

There are currently different solutions for charging an electric vehicle. It depends on the characteristics of the power supply available. You will find hereafter more details about these solutions in order to guide you through all the possibilities offered.

Charge my electric car at home at work when visiting friends on the way

shuko standard electric socket domestic - How to charge an Electric Vehicle ?

Standard electric socket

This is the most universal and available solution since it can be everywhere. It is therefore possible to charge your EV even when visiting friends or family members. However, such a solution only permits a slow charging speed because of the physics characteristics of these sockets. In addition to that, some countries may have a different shuko type as a standard, like in Switzerland or Ireland for other Europeans. Plugs list by country.

CEE 32A blue industrial electric socket - How to charge an Electric Vehicle ?

Industrial electric socket

Several places have professional electric sockets like camping sites, industrial plants, marinas, power generators, etc. They can also be installed at a private location. These industrial grade electric sockets allow charging an EV faster than with a standard shuko socket. Thanks to a portable EV charger, you can easily charge your electric car at any location having such CEE industrial electric sockets installed.

private charging station for electric vehicle - How to charge an Electric Vehicle ?

Private charging station
Type 2

One of the most practical and efficient solution is to have a private charging station for your EV installed at home and/or at work. You will then benefit from a complete, secured and easy-to-use equipment adapted to your power connection. Moreover, this solution allows to charge your electric vehicle in the most optimized way thanks to the power self-regulation feature option that comes with the charging station.

public charging station for electric vehicle - How to charge an Electric Vehicle ?

Public charging station Type 2

Powered most of the time with three-phase current, public charging stations allow to generally charge your electric car faster than from a private installation. These charging stations are accessible in many locations like parkings, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, car dealer shops, etc. In most cases, a charging cable is necessary in order to connect an electric vehicle, since the charging station only provides a socket.

fast public charging station for electric vehicle - How to charge an Electric Vehicle ?

Fast charging station
Type 2 Combo

Thanks to a growing network of fast public charging stations, every destination can be reached by electric cars. Taking advantage of direct current (DC), such stations are able to charge EVs in a matter of minutes, depending on their characteristics. Subscribing is generally sufficient in order to benefit from such power. Fast charging stations are generally located close to main roads and have their own cable.

private carging station for electric vehicle installation - How to charge an Electric Vehicle ?

Advice and full system installations

Because there are many ways to charge an electric vehicle, the most suitable solution to your specific case is directly related to your mobility. Our team is skilled to assist you in this choice. Electric-Star is the partner you need for both advice and complete charging system installation for private and professional use. We have the knowledge, authorizations and we use premium quality equipment designed and made in Europe.

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