Portable chargers for electric vehicles

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Electric-Star offers online sales of wall-mounted charging stations (wallbox) and portable electric charging stations, to easily recharge your electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid car wherever you are.
Our nomadic charging stations give you the possibility to charge your electric vehicle anywhere, since all the electronics of the charging station are located in the connector handle. You will find on the Electric-Star website a complete range of mobile charging stations, easily transportable in the trunk of your car so you can plug it in anywhere.
The portable chargers for electric cars proposed by Electric-Star come from manufacturers carefully selected by our engineers for the quality and reliability of their high-end products.
Many options are available: Schuko domestic plug, CEE 3P 16 Amp, CEE 5P 32 Amp, with overheating protection, and other types of plugs. You can charge at any place with standard household (Schuko also called Type F) or CEE industrial plugs, such as camping, at the market, in a marina and even at home, if you have one installed.
You can also order your portable EV charger with the length of cable you want, with or without a circuit breaker (also called RCD for Residual Current Device).

Thanks to our portable charges, you'll charge your electric vehicle everywhere. Recharge easily your EV at home or in the office.
Thanks to our portable charges, you’ll charge your electric vehicle everywhere. Recharge easily your EV at home or in the office.

Our mobile EV charging stations allow you to charge your single-phase or three-phase electric car in Mode 2 at different powers depending on the model and the available electrical circuit: 3.7 kW, 7.4 kW or 11 kW. The beginning and end of the recharging of your electric vehicle are automatically managed by the charger: the cable is plugged in and the charging starts at the selected power. These mobile chargers for electric cars are universal, and are not exclusively dedicated to a specific car model or brand: they are suitable for any electric vehicle having a Type 2 plug (Mennekes – IEC 92196).
Charging is quicker than with an Occasional Charging Cable (also called OCC or CRO) often supplied with the electric vehicle, and takes place whenever you want, while taking advantage of a known and controlled electricity tariff. These EV portable chargers are made for an intensive and daily use and are also suitable for plug-in hybrid vehicles.
Our portable chargers for electric vehicles are also available with the option that includes two indispensable and unique features for every Tesla electric vehicle owner: Remote opening of the charging trap door (hatch / flap) and unlocking of the charging socket without using your mobile phone.

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