Portable charger for electric vehicles (3.7 kW, Type 2)

With its small footprint, this portable charger is very practical and will accompany you everywhere. Universal, it will charge any electric car equipped with a Type 2 plug.

214,05  VAT incl. (214,05  without VAT)

Mobile charger for electric vehicle

This mobile charger will allow you to recharge your electric car with a maximum power of 3,7 kW.
The start and end of charging processes of your electric vehicle are automatically managed by the charger: you plug in the cable and charging begins at the selected power.
This charger is universal and is therefore not dedicated exclusively to a model or a brand of car: it is suitable for any vehicle with a Type 2 plug which is the exclusive standard in Europe for electric vehicles.
With two settings (10 or 16 amps), it will allow you to adapt the charging power according to the electrical circuit to which you will connect.
This charger does not require any installation, as it plugs into an existing household outlet.


Technical specifications

  • Plug type:
    • Electric vehicle side: Type 2 (IEC 62196) Female plug
    • Wall outlet/grid side: Standard domestic plug of Schuko type (Type F)
  • Maximum charging current: 16A (single-phase)
  • Possible charging settings: 10A or 16A
  • Maximum charging power: 3,7 kW
  • Nominal voltage: 230V (single-phase)
  • IP rating: IP65 (rain resistant)
  • Cable length: 5 meters

Examples of vehicles on which this charger can be used: VW e-Golf, BMW i3, Tesla model S, Smart ForTwo ED, Mercedes Class B with electric motor, Mercedes S500 PHEV, Mercedes SLS EV, Mercedes Vito E -Cell Van, Porsche Panamera S PHEV, BYD e6, Renault Zoe, Volvo V60 PHEV, BMW i8, Audi A3 e-Tron, VW E-Up, VW Golf GTE, VW Passat GTE, Hyundai Kona, Hyundai Ioniq, Kia e-Niro and many others…


Scope of delivery: 1 mobile charger


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