A Universal Charging Station

Some electric vehicle manufacturers often promote a charging station linked to their brand.
This is done in order to “retain” their customers without considering that they might want to buy a new car of another brand, or rather hoping that proprietary terminal will help keeping them as clients…

Considering the current offer of electric vehicles, which is constantly increasing, and the fact that an electric car owner is more subject to move from one brand to another, binding with a vehicle manufacturer because of a charging terminal is not one of the best ideas.
In addition, several family members may have electric cars not necessarily of the same brand.

universal electric charging station - Universal charging station
Universal electric charging station for EV's

Choosing a universal charging station is decisive when it comes to a business installation. It is clear that a company prefers to remain as independant as possible from car brands and this is even more important in the field of electric vehicles, which are subject to constant changes.

For a long time, the various technological evolution players have adopted standards in order to eliminate barriers and thus ensure the systems interoperability.
Why therefore remain bound with a branded terminal? Even those pretended to be “compatible” with other car manufacturers do not ensure  to receive the same after-sales support, in case the user changes for another brand of electric vehicle in the future.

A charging station is part of the house electrical installation, it is a business asset. The cars will change regularly unlike  the house or building.
The charging station will remain installed for many years, while the electric car fleet will evolve over the years, not necessarily in the same brand.

Since one won’t change his electric charging stations every time he changes cars, installing a universal charging station is the most reasonable and cost-effective choice.

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