CEE (blue) plug to domestic socket 16A adapter

Adapter for connecting a domestic type plug (Schuko F – European standard) to an industrial CEE 16A socket of “camping” type (blue socket).

8,00  VAT incl. (8,00  without VAT)

Thanks to this adapter, you will be able to connect the domestic charger of your electric vehicle to a CEE 16A “camping” type socket (blue socket), like those often found in public areas.

It will then be easy to use for instance our 3.7kW portable universal charger or our 3.7kW portable charger for Tesla electric cars, to connect it to a camping type socket with this adapter.

It is an adapter that you should also always have with you in a Renault Twizzy or a Citroën AMI, to be able to recharge them on blue CEE-type sockets (16A).

Small, light and compact, this adapter is a must have in your electric car’s boot.


Technical specifications:

  • CEE industrial plug (1P + N + E) 16A, male
  • European domestic socket (Schuko) 16A, female

Scope of delivery: 1 adapter

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