Vehicle To Load V2L adapter for MG – MG4, MG5, Marvel R, MG ZS EV

  • Power your 230V devices from your MG electric car
  • Up to 3,5kW
  • Type E, European domestic socket
  • For MG vehicles having the V2L (Vehicle to Load) option V2L-MG
  • Designed & manufactured in EU

129,00  VAT incl. (129,00  without VAT)

Thanks to V2L , VTL (Vehicle to Load) this adapter, you’ll be able to power your 230 Volts electric devices (up to 3,5kW) from your MG V2L enabled electric vehicle (like MG4, MG5, Marvel R and MG ZS EV).

The V2L function (Vehicle to load), also known as bidirectional charging, or reverse charging, includes an overheat protection and allows you to power your electric devices from your MG car.

This V2l adapter is foreseen with a thermal protection. You can therefore use it for instance to charge your electric bike, to power a coffee machine on the road, a microwave oven, an iron, an electric barbecue, etc. It is even possible to charge another electric vehicle by plugging it in, for example, with one of our portable chargers.

By design, this V2L (VTL, Vehicle to Load) interface for MG vehicles (MG 4, MG 5, Marvel-R, MG ZS EV, etc… from MG Motor group) makes possible to use the V2L function to power an electric device from your MG vehicle, via the Type 2 port, even in the rain. The Schuko socket is in fact inclined downwards, which consequently prevents raindrops from getting in, for a safe V2L use.

In MG cars the the V2L function if activated from the car.

Designed and built in European Union, this V2L cable is usable on the following vehicles, providing that they have the V2L (Vehicle to load) enabled:


230V sideVehicle side
Type E 2 - Vehicle To Load V2L adapter for MG - MG4, MG5, Marvel R, MG ZS EV


Type 2 Plug 300x279 - Vehicle To Load V2L adapter for MG - MG4, MG5, Marvel R, MG ZS EV
Standard domestic European socket Type E
Type 2 (European standard)

Connects to your EV having the V2L option (see compatible vehicles list)

Output power V2L , VTL (Vehicle to Load)3,5kW

The maximum output power depends on the V2L capabilities of your MG EV car model

StartupPlug & play
Rated voltage230V
IP ratingIP44
Operating temperaturefrom -40 to +50°C
Thermal protectionIncludes overheat protection
OriginEngineered and built in European Union

Scope of delivery: 1 x V2L (Vehicle to load) adapter for MG electric vehicles

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