Type 2 plug with charging cable (22kW – three phase)

This cable is used to plug electric vehicles to any public or domestic charging station equipped with a Type 2 connector.

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145,00  (ex. VAT)

This EV charging cable has a Type 2 connector (European standard: IEC 62196) on one side and no plug on the other. The Type 2 connector is the one that plugs into the electric car. This cable is used to replace, for example, that of a fixed charging station (Wallbox) or even part of a standard charging cable, used to connect to public terminals.

Main features

  • Designed for single-phase electric vehicles charging with currents up to 3 x 32A (22kW)
  • Premium quality EV specific cable (made in Germany)

Technical specifications

  • Plug type on electric vehicle side: Type 2 (IEC 62196) female plug
  • No plug on charging station side: free wire
  • Maximum charging current: 3 x 32A (three-phase)
  • Maximum charging power: 22kW (three-phase)
  • Operating ambient air temperature range: -30°C to +50°C
  • Cable: 5G6 + 0,5
  • ROHS
  • Color: Black or orange (upon choice)
  • Length: 5m or 8m (upon choice)
  • Ambient air temperature range in operation: -30 ° C to + 50 ° C
  • Compatible with all electric vehicles equipped with a Type 2 charging socket

Scope of delivery: 1 EV charging cable


Cable length

5 m, 8 m, 10 m, 12 m, 15 m, 20 m

Cable and plug color

Black, Orange

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