Electric vehicles in winter

Electric vehicles in winter The arrival of winter brings a number of changes in our daily behavior, such as changing our clothing habits or turning on the heating in our home.We also adapt our diet because our body needs more energy to fight the cold.An electric vehicle, especially its battery, has an optimal range of …

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Electric vehicles and hybrids

Electric vehicles charging modes

Electric vehicles charging modes​ Mode 1 3.7kW max Portable charger Alternative current (AC) No protection Charging power often limited to 3kW More details Mode 2 11kW max Portable charger Alternative current (AC) Several protection Charging power to set manually More details Our Mode 2 chargers Mode 3 22kW max Portable charger Alternative current (AC) Several …

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Electric vehicle charging modes

Hybrid and electric cars

Hybrid and electric cars Electric and hybrid vehicles have evolved a lot. More aesthetic, more ecological, these cars are attracting more and more motorists over the years. From the small city car to the minivan, via the sedan, the electric or hybrid car is undeniably becoming more and more popular. Hybrids? The conventional hybrid has …

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