KEBA triangular pedestal/stand for two wallboxes, in stainless steel

  • Availability: on order only (delay: about 4 weeks)

680,00  VAT incl. (680,00  without VAT)

This triangular KEBA pedestal is designed for two KEBA P30 charging stations.

Made of stainless steel, this pedestal will allow you to install your two KEBA charging terminals when there is no wall nearby.
Whether it is installed in a covered or an outdoor car parking, in the front of your house or building, this mounting stand will allow you to have your charging station near your electric vehicle’s parking place.

The basis of this stand is mounted on a concrete slab using 6 anchoring points.


Technical specifications:

Basis dimensions: (W x D) 42,5 x 20 cm
Upper part dimensions: (W x D x H) 42,5 x 29,5 x 132,6 cm
Total height: 132,6 cm
Weight: 19,2 kg
Material: INOX316L
Mounting: with screws using 6 mounting holes with a diameter of 10mm

Slab to be provided for mounting the pedestal:

  • Concrete: C30 / 37 LP for XC4, XD1, XF4 or C25 / 30 LP for XC4, XD1, XF2
  • Reinforced concrete: BSt 500 S; BSt 500 M


Scope of delivery: 1 pedestal for two KEBA charging stations

Note: the charging station shown with this mounting post is not part of the delivery

KEBA reference: 99 839 (99839)stand

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