KeContact E10 Smart Energy Meter (3 phases)

  • Smart power meter KeContact E10
  • Dynamic power load management for KEBA charging stations
  • For 3 phase circuits

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The KeContact E10 energy meter (3 phase) measures the electricity consumption of your electric circuit.

Thanks to this meter, KEBA charging stations constantly monitor the total consumption of your electric installation.
This allows the charging stations to automatically regulate their charging power in order to reduce it if necessary and avoid breaking your circuit.
The adaptation of the charging current is done dynamically and is transparent to the user.

Benefits :


  • Fast charging when power is available
  • Overload protection
  • Easy to install and commission, even on existing structures, thanks to the clamp-on current transformers included
  • Current measurable up to 63 A (maximum)
  • Single-phase or three-phase power measurement in both directions
  • Allows excess PV load to be used with systems intended for
  • Standard DIN rail mounting system (2 DIN units)

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