Energy Manager EM420, smart meter

  • The EM420 energy manager is the successor to the EM300
  • Integrated web server for easy access to your consumption data
  • Automatic or manual data export by FTP or email
  • Modbus TCP/IP data protocol
  • Used among other things for the automatic management of recharging with KEBA x-series electric vehicle charging stations
  • For use according to ISO50001 – the 4-quadrant smart meter
  • Up to 96 current sensors can be connected to the EM420
  • 4-quadrant meter, 63 A direct measurement and 8GB Storage
  • Decentralized data logging possible
  • 4 DIN rail units (DU)
  • In stock

464,70  VAT incl. (464,70  without VAT)

The TQ-Systems EM420 is by excellence the energy manager for precise and continuous monitoring of electrical energy flows in the residential, industrial and commercial areas.

This device, designed in Germany by TQ-Systems, is the perfect basis for monitoring and analyzing your electrical networks.

The EM420 is the basis of the dynamic load management for the KEBA X series charging stations. By monitoring the total consumption of your electric circuit, thanks to the EM420, the KEBA charging stations adapt their charging power in real time, according to your electric circuit’s capacity and load.

Thanks to this feature, the electric circuit is not overloaded and so the circuit breakers don’t risk to disrupt.

EM420 electric energy manager network integration - Energy Manager EM420, smart meter
Network integration of the EM420 – charging stations automatic load management


TQ‘s EM420 allows you to monitor and optimize your energy consumption, increase your comfort of use and better manage the capacities of your installation in order to charge your electric vehicle as efficiently as possible.

The EM420 is a smart meter that allows you to audit the energy consumption of your circuit. Keeping a very long history in its internal memory, this meter will allow you to see which devices or electric circuits consume the most in your circuit.

energy manager flow day - Energy Manager EM420, smart meter
Monitoring the flow of energy coming from photovoltaic panels in an electric circuit


energy manager energy flow - Energy Manager EM420, smart meter
General monitoring of energy flow in an electric circuit

Features of the EM420

  • Continuous data storage for long-term analysis
  • Long-term data storage configurable up to an interval of one second
  • Event-triggered recording: allows recording of measured data with speeds going up to 200 ms of intervals with pre-trigger and post-trigger time
  • Recording of starting currents and voltage dips or spikes
  • Export of measured data in standard format files like CSV, transferable by FTP/SFTP or e-mail
  • Standard communication interfaces Modbus TCP / RTU (master/slave) and web interface (HTTPS in JSON format)
  • Data communication possible at 200 ms via Modbus (master and slave)
  • Modbus register to OBIS and Sunspec standards
  • Data can easily be integrated in IoT platforms via MQTT (up to a resolution of one second)
  • Easy to configure thanks to its integrated web server
  • Plug & Play setup
  • Easy network access via UPnP
  • Visualization of energy flows in Sankey format
  • Extension of the energy analysis of equipment or production stations via the TQ sensors (up to 63A)
  • Replaces the previous EM300 Energy Manager
  • Compatible with the x-series of KEBA EV charging stations, for the dynamic load management

Key functions of the TQ EM420 energy manager:

  • Fully integrated smart meter
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Real-time data acquisition
  • Four quadrant meter
  • Three-phase energy measurement for consumption and power-in
  • Direct connection up to 63A or from 100A to 1000A via external current transformers
  • Possibility to connect up to 96 additional current sensors for detailed monitoring of secondary circuits
  • Decentralized data archiving with a capacity going up to 15 years
  • Standard DIN rail mounting system (4 DIN units)


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