Current probe CM-CT 100/5

  • Current probe for the EM420 energy manager
  • Measures up to 100A indirectly

48,00  VAT incl. (48,00  without VAT)

The CM-CT 100/5 is a current probe that allows the EM420 energy manager to measure the current indirectly: without being integrated into the circuit.
This way, it is possible to measure higher currents, which can go up to 100A with this probe.

This probe is a current transformer that has a nominal primary current of 100A and a secondary nominal current of 5A.
The load of this current transformer is 2.5VA and its precision is of class 1.

The CM-CT 100/5 will be useful with the EM420 energy manager in the following two cases:

  • If you need to indirectly measure the current without going through the EM420
  • If the current to measure exceeds the 63A allowed when going through the EM420

Technical specifications:

  • Maximum measured current: 100A
  • Dimensions: (W x H x D) (mm): 61 x 78.5 x 48
  • Standards:
    • EN 50581
    • IEC / EN 61869-1
    • IEC / EN 61869-2

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